Moira O'Reilly (moira_oreilly) wrote in hogwarts03,
Moira O'Reilly

It had been a brutal, bloody game; the more the Gryffindors scored, the more violent Slytherin got, and none of the Gryffindors was beyond a little retribution. Mo had a bruise developing on her right side from the elbow of Slytherin’s Seeker, and Eirlys had a nasty cut on her forehead, which was bleeding into her eyes. Aidan was developing what looked like an impressive black eye, also a result of a Slytherin's elbow, and there were other injuries, Mo was sure, which would be discovered when the game was over and the rush had worn off.

Right now, she couldn’t even feel the bruise; she was too busy watching the Quaffle. The score was 520-380, and she was furious for letting Slytherin score at all, let alone enough times that, if they caught the Snitch, they would win. Of course, she didn't expect the Slytherin Seeker to stand a chance of beating Eirlys to the Snitch, but still, she was determined not to let them score again.

She was so intent on the Quaffle, in fact, that even when Eirlys went into a steep dive that almost certainly meant she'd seen the Snitch, Mo didn't see it. She also didn't see the Slytherin Beater flying up behind her, raising his bat over her head - and nor did she feel it when he brought it down, knocking her instantly unconscious and causing her and her broom to drop like stones.
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