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Morning in the Great Hall

Beej waited til most everyone was settled in the Great Hall for breakfast, and then the nod from Steve. He stood and walked up to stand in front of the room and faced everyone.

His face was tense, and it took him a few moments before he was able to speak.

"May I have your attention, please."

He waited for everyone to quiet.

"Thank you. I'm sorry to interrupt your breakfast, and to bring this up in light of the current situation we've been dealing with, but..."

His lip quivered and he paused, turning his gaze to the enchanted ceiling to try and collect himself. It shone bright, and the sky was cloudless, signs of a beautiful day that was mocking him. He breathed deep and looked back at the students.

"Some of you are friendly with my brother, Caleb. He's asked me to inform you that he's d..." Another deep breath. "He's dying. He probably won't last through the week. For those of you who would like to visit and pay your last respects, you are more than welcome as long as you don't appologize, cry, or bring up what's coming. He'd like to see people, but he wants happy faces and laughter and smiles. I..."

Beej shook his head and stepped down, quickly walking through the Hall and out the door. Steve stood after BJ had gone.

"You are all excused from class for the day. It's been a hellish weekend. Those of you going to visit Mr. Tanner would please try not to get kicked out the Hospital Wing. Thank you." Finished, he sat down to continue his breakfast, though he seemed to be having a hard time of it.
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