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They'd been drinking. That much he could remember. Firewhiskey. About half a bottle each. They'd been brought up well, taught to share... somebody was nice enough to send them a bottle of whiskey, and so of course they felt obliged to drink it. You can't just ignore presents, can you? Especially 'whiskey that's been wrapped up so nicely.

He could remember feeling that familiar lightheadedness, remembered being dizzy, slightly unsteady on his three-inch heels, rather giggly... they'd fallen into bed feeling strangely accomplished, as they always did after finishing 'whiskey bottles (it's a Boy Thing). Eveline had been with them (Dylan and Finn were already in Dylan's bed, judging by the tightly-locked look of the curtains), by turns laughing and rolling her eyes at them, and she'd climbed into bed with Adie, wearing that old pair of pyjamas she seemed to have claimed for her own. He was too warm, so he was just wearing shorts. That he could remember, too.

He woke up in the early hours of the morning with a gentle ache in his bladder. That was normal. Only natural to need a piss after that much drinking, aye?


So he sat up in bed, and threw back the covers so he could get up. The moonlight was streaming in through the window, across Aidan's pillow...

...more precisely, across the face of a pretty blonde girl who was sleeping in Aidan's bed.

Not J.

Somebody Else. This he could not remember.

The technical term for this sort of reaction is 'What the fuck?' although Adie preferred to Silently Gape.

He threw a pillow at her.

"Oi!" he whispered, loudly. "Who the hell are you?"
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